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Our Story

Being an event planner is a fun and glamorous career, but it takes a lot of hard work! So you need to be prepared intellectually and mentally to embark on the journey. And that’s why we’re here, to guide you as you kickstart your career. 

Our vision for The Events Academy is to be the leading educator for the African events industry by providing quality practical education, experience, and exposure.


The courses we provide will impact not only your business and career but the events industry as a whole by injecting a healthy dose of professionalism and excellence. 

With both book and street smarts, our outstanding instructors have spent many years working professionally in the field before bringing their experience to the educational field. They have developed an unparalleled curriculum that focuses on the practical application of the material. This ensures that students can immediately put their newly learned skills to use upon completion of the courses.

Meet The Founders

Meet The Trainers

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