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Cute Planner

Become an

Event Planner


Physical/Virtual Class- KES 36,000

This introductory course equips you with all the basic skills you will need to execute any event!

Confident Businesswoman

This eight-week workshop-style course provides foundational knowledge of running a successful events and events planning business

The Business of Events 

Physical Class- KES 46,500

Young Designer

This four week course aims to empower business owners by teaching them how to effectively balance customer acquisition and retention strategies, while also guiding them in turning customers into loyal advocates who contribute to repeat business and refer potential clients.

Customer Retention for Events

Business Course 

Physical Class- KES 32,000

Wedding Ceremony Stage

Welcome to the 9-week Wedding Planning Course, where you'll gain the knowledge and practical skills to become a successful wedding planner. This course covers all aspects of wedding planning, from industry insights to creating memorable events.

Become a wedding planner course

Physical/Virtual Class- KES 40,000

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